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Business and Personal Tax Preparation

Service Description

Taxpayers should file their business and individual taxes on time for several reasons. The most important one is avoiding Filing Late Penalty and the other is for paying late. There are also benefits for filing your taxes on time: * Avoid added interest and penalties. * Avoid losing future refunds. * Safeguard credit score. If the IRS files a lien against the taxpayer, it could affect credit scores and make it harder to get a loan. Due Dates for this tax season are: March 15, for S-corps and Partnerships April 18, for individual taxes If you are not able to file by these due dates we can file a 6 months extension and avoid Filing Late Penalty! Contact us or book online and let's file together!

Contact Details

(352) 339-6578

3553 West Peterson Avenue #302, Chicago, IL, USA

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