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At Stosic & Givhan Accounting Solutions, we have 2 easy ways to file your taxes:


First, you can come to our office and we can finish everything in person. When you make your appointment we will send you a Documents Check List and an extensive Expense Sheet that will help you calculate your expenses. Our office location in Chicago is:

3553 W Peterson Ave #302, Chicago, IL 60659

Please make your appointment by calling (352)339-6578



When you contact us, we will email you a Documents Check List that you will need along with an extensive Expense Sheet that will help you deduct everything you deserve and that belongs to you. Secondly, after we get everything that we need we fill in the forms with data and call you at your convenience so that we can review  your tax returns.

​​This system was created to serve the needs of people who are abroad during Tax Season, people who live in any of the 50 States or people who don’t want to waste their time coming to the office.

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The best part for TRUCKERS is that we can do all this while you are on the road, so you won't be losing days or even weeks preparing your taxes.

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